26.March Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Jazzexchange Austria is happy to announce the first show of the Jazz exchange programme on 26th March at Servant Jazz Quarters, 10a Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN

Doors open at 7:30

first set at 8pm

second set at 9pm

For our first evening we are very happy to have the Viennese Trio Blacksitter consisting of Gina Schwarz on double bass, Judith Schwarz on drums and Primus Sitter on guitar.

BLACKsitter brings together three strong,articulate voices of Austria’s Jazz scene.
The band represents the broad scope and variety of that lively scene, with each of the members descending from a different ethnic background,
thus developing distinct, individual sounds and compositional styles.
In BLACKsitter, innovation meets and interacts with tradition.
The creative exchange of the three musical concepts and approaches at times challenge each other, yet overall result in an enrichment of each individual style.


Support act is the London based duo Maria-Chiara Argirò on piano and Jamie Leeming on guitar.

A meeting of kindred spirits, the music of pianist Maria Chiara Argirò and guitarist Jamie Leeming is a dialogue between two unique artists. Their repertoire spans their core influences, which include jazz, latin, classical and folk music, along with brand new compositions written for their upcoming album.www.mariachiaramusic.com

Maria-Chiara Argiò & Jamie Leeming

Jazzexchange Austria is a series of concerts by the Austrian Cultural Forum curated by Vienna born London based Jazz musician Guido Spannocchi showcasing various groups from Austria combining them with the support of UK based artists. The concerts focus on Jazz and Jazz related music and are taking place in renowned Jazzclubs throughout the UK with a main show in London. Generously supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum www.acflondon.org Programmed by Guido Spannocchi audioguido.com

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